A Return

After taking a couple of year blogging hiatus, it’s time for a relaunch of Box Full of Records, same as before, but with an additional focus on vintage audio gear to accompany all the records.

Just over a year ago, I lost my full-time job and, feeling a little unsatisfied after a long and expensive experience with a basic turntable repair, figured what the hell else do I have to do with my time, maybe I’ll learn some of this myself. But I have a tendency to not do anything halfway, so I started by embracing a crash course in the study of vintage components. I turned first to the helpful experts of AudioKarma, who had originally guided me through my first beloved vintage setup of a Harman Kardon 330C receiver and EPI 100 in 2014, and poured through hundreds of pages of helpful advice. I went on wild collecting adventures and stalked my local thrift stores for projects to learn on. Soon, I found a basic level of competency and deep joy and satisfaction in reviving this equipment.

I’ll be sharing some of my experiences, lessons I’ve learned, recommendations received, and sharing some of my favorite and under-the-radar gear available still available for an affordable price in a marketplace where this vintage HiFi gear has become a skyrocketing commodity, in addition to the return to spotlights on under-the-radar vinyl finds that you may not find on Spotify but is crucial to understanding the complicated fabric of American music history.

Stay tuned for more coming soon

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