Now Spinning: Juke Boy Bonner

One of the first suggestions I'd offer to any collectors of old blues records - always buy Arhoolie Records releases. Arhoolie Records was formed by a young blues aficionado Chris Strachwitz, who traveled to Texas as a young man to record Lightnin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb and many more, beginning with simple field recordings. From those… Continue reading Now Spinning: Juke Boy Bonner

Now Reading: Lightnin’ Hopkins His Life and Blues

I just wrapped up Alan Govenar's biography on one of my favorite bluesmen, the mysterious Lightnin' Sam Hopkins. Despite a personal songwriting style - Lightnin' songs sometimes simply described his day, though with a blurred line between fact and fiction, meaning confirming the facts can be a challenge. And while Govenar concedes the fact that… Continue reading Now Reading: Lightnin’ Hopkins His Life and Blues